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What is the slurry pump

What is the slurry pump


Slurry pump is a rather special centrifugal pump, in general, the slurry pump refers to the centrifugal force (impeller rotation of the pump) the role of the solid and liquid mixed media energy to increase a mechanical power conversion to medium Of kinetic energy and potential energy equipment, mainly for mines, power plants, dredging, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials and petroleum industries.

What is the characteristics of slurry pump, slurry pump What?

(A) the definition of slurry pump

Pumps that normally contain suspended solids in the transfer fluid (water) are typically referred to as slurry pumps. Currently it is one of the indispensable equipment in the process of dressing and coal preparation plant. Slurry pump according to different principles can be divided into single / multi-stage, single suction / double suction, cantilever, horizontal / vertical and pump shell horizontal open / vertical combination of other types, the basic structure of the impeller , Pump housing, pump shaft, bearings and brackets, power also includes motor, coupling on the wheel or tape pulley, wear parts also include liner bushings, seals, including shaft seals, Vice impeller, etc. Pieces, including stents, etc., but the internal principle is the same, when the impeller rotates rapidly, the blade to promote rapid rotation of the media, the rotating medium in the role of centrifugal force from the impeller, the pump is thrown out of the media, the impeller The central part forms a vacuum area and the medium is forced through the pipe network into the feed pipe under atmospheric pressure (or water pressure). This endless cycle, we can achieve continuous feeding, so as to achieve the process design requirements head and flow. Of course, the current method of feeding more use of press-in, that is, the material level higher than the feeding tube, you can subtract from the water pipe or pump casing to the internal irrigation steps.

(B) the characteristics of slurry pump

1. It has excellent water-saving performance, low wear rate, wide flow resistance and good anti-clogging characteristics.

2. Cavitation performance is superior, is the latest generation of wear-resistant corrosion-resistant products, with the world's most advanced technology, slurry pump products sell well all over the world, enjoy a high international reputation.

3. Wide range of uses, advanced structure.

4. High degree of generalization, reliable operation.

5 long life, easy assembly and disassembly maintenance.

6 horizontal slurry pump is energy efficient products. It is suitable for coal, electricity, metallurgy, mining, building materials and other departments conveying solids containing slurry, the product excellent water performance.

7. Advanced structure, high degree of generalization.

8. Long service life, easy assembly and disassembly.

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